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  • 1970 Somersworth High School Yearbook

Class of 1988 Yearbooks

Yearbook Request by Christopher Smith
i have lost all my yearbooks from moving around in the army if anyone has a yearbook from 1988 that they would be willing to give to me or sell to me for a reasonable price please contact me thankyou
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Class of 1981 Yearbooks

Yearbook Request by Yvonne Murphy
I have lost all my yearbooks from high school in a house fire and would very much like to get at least one from 1981. I would be happy if any of the years I was in High school, yearbooks could be located. 1978-1981. Thanks!
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Class of 1979 Yearbooks

Yearbook Request by Dennis Blanchette
My name is Dennis Blanchette and I was a Freshmen in 1975. I am looking for a yearbook any where from 1975-1979. Could you please check to make sure that my picture was taken that year because I think it was only taken once or twice during the 4 years I attended Somersworth High School. I would prefer a yearbook that has my picture in it. However, I would still purchase a yearbook during those years mentioned aboved (1975-79).

Dennis Blanchette
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Class of 1978 Yearbooks

Yearbook Request by Glenn Peters
In all my travels over the last 30 years I have lost my yearbooks if anyone has an extra please contact me
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Class of 1970 Yearbooks

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Class of 1956 Yearbooks

Yearbook Request by Mary Stanley
Does anyone have a copy of the 1956 yearbook? Also, if I can just get the page with Richard Paul's picture and graduating info on it copied, I would forever be indebted.
Thank you
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